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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Every entity of nature in existence has potential. This potential or potency in entities of nature is due to their being energized. Nature is energized due to its being saturated in Space. Space itself is the absolute-energy.

Potential of an entity of nature means - This much it can do, and no more!

For example - a stone is an entity in existence. What is the stone's potential? What can it do at the maximum? There are many kinds of stones - of different sizes, of different appearances, of different mineral-content, of different attributes. Irrespective of appearance and attributes of all stones in the world - can we say something about stone-kind? Something that would distinguish stone-kind from vegetation-kind, animal-kind, and human-kind? If we are able to say something about stone-kind this way - it would indicate stone-kind's potential. It would also be the definition of stone. The empirical observation of stone can't recognize stonekind's potential. One can't recognize stonekind's potential through its dissection, through exploding it, through compressing it, or through seeing it under microscope - as it would still be mere empirical observation.

There is more to observing than empirical-observation. The observer needs to be there for observation to happen. Human-being is the observer. Jeevan - the conscious-entity - is capable of observing. Human-being is a combined expression of jeevan and body. Human-being is capable of observing. Human-being can observe existence upon awakening - all that is. This is human-potential. Nothing more, nothing less!

An awakened human-being is the benchmark for evaluating potential of every entity in existence. A stone's potential is evaluated by a human-being through observing it. This observation could be partial or complete - based on the observer's potential. Partial-observation is limited to empirical-aspects - i.e. appearance and attributes. Complete-observation is observing the entirety of stone - not only its empirical-aspects but also its true-nature and dharma. Inability of complete-observation in human-being is illusion. Ability of complete-observation in human-being is awakening. Living with incomplete-observation (or illusion) leads to conflicts. Living with complete-observation (or awakening) leads to resolution. Extant of observation determines human-potential. Awakening and Illusion are two possible states of human-potential. Awakening and Illusion are like two sides of a coin. If Awakening is - Illusion is not. If Illusion is - Awakening is not. Awakening dispels Illusion.

Another important point to note is, Stone is - irrespective of the observer (human-being). Stone is a combined-expression of its appearance, attributes, true-nature, and dharma. Stone's true-nature is composition and decomposition. Stone's dharma is - to be, or to exist. It is not possible to stop a stone's being. It is not possible to annihilate stone. Howsomuch one may break a stone, it would not be possible to make the constituents disappear. This inalienability of stone is its dharma. True-nature indicates the purpose of stone's being in existence. Why should stone be? True-nature of an entity is the purpose of its being in existence. True-nature of any entity in existence is the way that entity realizes co-existence with all other entities in existence. Stonekind realizes coexistence through composition and decomposition. That's why stone is. This comes in human-observation.

Existence is naturally inclined. There is a directionality in existence. This natural-inclination or directionality gets evidenced as emergence of natural-orders. Matter-order, Pranic-order, Animal-order, and finally humankind as Knowledge-order. Every entity of nature is with directionality or natural-inclination. There is progress in existence - and natural-orders are statuses of this progress. Each natural-order has a way for having its cyclicality - which ensures its continuation of its being as tradition. Matter-order has cyclicality through constitutional-conformance. Each atom is a distinct constitution. Through composition and decomposition there are cyclicalities in matter-order. The directionality or natural-inclination in matter-order gets evidenced as an earth's getting enriched with heavier atoms with progression. The formation of soils, rocks, gems, and metals - and their subkinds... and they are all inter-linked through composition and decomposition. The directionality in matter-order also gets evidenced as emergence of water on an earth. Emergence of water is a fine example as natural-evidence of coexistence-principle. The two totally distinct kind of materials (hydrogen and oxygen) - one of which burns, and other abets burning, come together to actualize water - which exhibits a totally different kind of conduct. Water quenches thirst of all beings in existence - while neither hydrogen nor oxygen can quench thirst, even partially! Emergence of water is the basis for pranic-beings to come about.

Pranic-order has more potential than Matter-order. Pranic-order entities can grow or replicate their own kind, while matter-order entities can't grow or replicate their own kind. Growth/replication is inalienable to pranic-order. This growth/replication happens through process of seeding. It is not possible to stop a plant's growth/replication - as long as it is. To grow is inalienable for plantkind - and therefore to grow is the dharma of pranic-order. Plant-order is rooted in Matter-order - and its cyclicality of growth/replication is tied up (related) with matter-order (soil, water, air). Pranic-cell is the unit of Pranic-order. Pranic-cells have pulsation - they can breathe. Pranic-cells have pranic-sutras - with the method of pranic-entity's formation. The directionality of nature gets affected as successive-refinement in this method. And accordingly numerous kinds and subkinds of vegeatations, shrubs, trees - came into being. This "coming into being" is not about "creation" - it is emergence in nature due to its inclination. This "coming into being" is not "accidental" - it is purposeful for emergence. The purpose of pranic-order (or its true-nature) is to realize co-existence through nourishment and dessication. Some vegetations nourish the bodies of animalkind and humankind. While others are poisonous - and they dessicate the bodies of animalkind and humankind.

Pranic-order and Matter-order together is called "inert-nature". Inert-nature as a whole has natural-inclination for emergence of conscious-nature. Atom is the basic-unit of inert-nature. Progress in atom leads to emergence of conscious-atom or jeevan. Conscious-atom (jeevan) is constitutionally-complete - or its constitution is fulfilled, and there is no possibility for any emission or insertion into its constitution. Conscious-atom (jeevan) is with activities that are qualtiatively distinct from inert-nature.

Conscious-entity is combination of activities of choosing, thinking, visualizing, knowing, and experiencing. These activities of jeevan get expressed through living. Living requires jeevan's coexistence with body. Jeevan enlivens body - animal-body or human-body. Body is a bio-physical formation of inert-nature. Jeevan is able to express only desire to live through animal-bodies - and expresses living according to specie. The "potential" of an animal-specie is to live according to the specie. "Wanting to live" is inalienable from an animal-being - therefore "to live" is its dharma. True-nature of some animal species is cruel, while for others it is uncruel - and that's how these species realize their purpose in coexistence. Animalkind as a whole is capable of realizing coexistence with rest of the nature through instinctual-living - and evidence natural-balance. That's the potential of animalkind. Potential of animalkind is more than that of pranic-order and matter-order. The later natural-order has the potential of previous natural-orders and more. The successive emergence in existence is out of coexistence - and not out of struggle.

Successive-refinement in pranic-cells lead to emergence of human-body. Animalkind itself projects humankind into being. Human-body has fully-developed brain, and when jeevan enlivens it - it becomes able to express imagination. Imagination is a combination of conscious-activities of choosing, thinking, and visualizing. Imagination is a conscious-phenomenon - of jeevan. Imagination is the activity of jeevan. Imagination is a reality! Imagination makes a human-being distinct from animals. Imagination seeks fulfillment. It inexhaustibly seeks fulfillment. This is innate to human-being. This expectation of fulfillment (or happiness) is natural to human-being. Human-being is with natural-expectation of happiness.

Imagination is the potential ("worth") of human-being - before its awakening. Imagination is the ability to observe. Imagination can observe more than what could be called empirical-observation. Empirical-observation also happens through imagination. Imagination is more than logic and mathematical-modeling on top of empirical-observation. Imagination is the power to innovate and visualize. Imagination is at the root of all feats of engineering and art. Imagination is the reason humans live differently from animals. Whatever humankind has done in its history thus far, ever since it emerged on Earth, from jungle-age to information-age - are outcomes of human-imagination.

Still, living in the purview of imagination is not fulfilling to human-being. There is more to human-potential than imagination. Imagination is naturally-inclined for knowledge. There are dormant activities in jeevan about knowing - which hold the key for realization of complete human-potential. These dormant activities in jeevan about knowing can get activated through study in coexistence. Imagination itself is the need to know in human-being. Study in co-existence requires use of imagination. Imagination can get aligned with knowledge through study in co-existence.

Study in Coexistence is the way human-being can achieve its potential - from living in purview of imagination, to living in purview of knowledge. Living in purview of knowledge is also called - human-consciousness or humanness. Living in purview of imagination is not qualitatively distinct from living like animals - therefore it is also called animal-consciousness.

Imagination is the potential of student. Knowledge is potential of teacher. Teacher inspires and guides through knowledge. Student enquires, seeks clarification through imagination. Study is never in isolation. Study happens with teacher which has experienced in coexistence. In the absence of guidance and inspiration study is not. In the absence of guidance and inspiration only blue-sky exploration is. Study is a definitive process - qualitatively different from blue-sky exploration of trial and error. Madhyasth-Darshan is a proposal for Study in Coexistence.

Human-being is the projection of natural-inclination in existence. Human-being is naturally-inclined for achieving knowledge - that's why human-imagination seeks fulfillment. Imagination is the "worth" of a human-being until it achieves awakening. Imagination is what a human-being (before awakening) can do, and no more. Positively speaking - Imagination is human-being's potential before its awakening. Study in Coexistence is about "paying attention" to the realities in existence through an inspired-imagination. It is to become an "observer" of existence. Experience in Coexistence is the point of fulfillment of imagination. It is a qualitative-improvement in one's consciousness. This shift in consciousness is irreversible. This is achieving the potential for living with strength, courage, and generosity. It is also called - awakening. An awakened human-being has the maximum potential in existence. This is the reason - an awakened human-being is the benchmark for evaluating potential of all other entities of nature. Potential of Knowledge that human-being achieves thus can realize divinity - as combined expression of kindness, grace, and compassion. Human-beings alone exhibit divinity through their conduct or living upon achieving the potential of knowledge.

Achieving the potential of awakening is the beginning of self-realization by human-being - as living with justice, dharma, and truth. This would entail humankind's moving from information-age to knowledge-age.

Source: Madhyasth Darshan, while studying it.

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