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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Freedom from Conflict - Chapter-10 of Manav Vyavhar Darshan

Freedom from Conflict - Chapter-10 of Manav Vyavhar Darshan
This is an attempt of translating chapter-10 - titled "क्लेश मुक्ति" - of Manav Vyavhar Darshan by Baba Shree A. Nagraj Sharma.

* Every human-being has expectation of freedom from conflict.

* Freedom from Conflict itself is Freedom from Illusion. All human-efforts - of study, prayers, experiments, occupations, practices, and commitments - are to attain this freedom. There is no evidence of attaining this freedom in human-history thus far. Therefore, this is a proposal for humankind for freedom from illusion.

* Study in Co-existence is to attain clarity about Process of constitution of every entity of nature, and its Evidence.

Structure and attributes of entities of nature exhibit continuous-change - while Matter that constitutes these entities is eternal - or has continuity of existence. Matter itself gets expressed as four natural-orders. However big an entity of nature may be, its basic-unit of constitution is an atom. The constitution-principle is same for all kinds of atoms. An atom's constitution is as nucleus and surrounding orbits. The comparative degree of activity in the surrounding-orbits of an atom, and the atom's status with respect to its progress towards awakening - explains the distinctions between statuses of Nature as natural-0rders.

* Study in Co-existence is with the objective of attaining Wisdom - in which, under the guidance of teacher the student's imagination gets inspired for recognizing realities in existence - and thereby acceptances of realities get instilled in the student as wisdom.


1. teacher:- the one who guides the student by expressing with knowledge-experience centric method for instilling acceptances of realities for the student's movement towards knowledge-experience.

* Experiment-Activities (innovations) lead to accomplishment of material-resources required for realizing human-behaviour.

* Production-Activities are for accomplishment of objects of human-utility.

* Practice leads to achievement of state-of-art and excellence in Production-activities.

* Commitment to harmony in relationships begets Justice. The Study in Co-existence is under the guidance of (teacher who realizes) Dharma and Truth for (student's) achievement of human-objectives (resolution, prosperity, trust, and co-existence).

* Space is one undivisible whole and there are many divine beings.

* Experience in Knowledge-essence is with continuity of commitment towards human-objective.


1. human-objective:- recognition of excellence - with reverence and trust, upon freedom from illusion.

* Jeevan is immortal - therefore every human-being has opportunity for attaining capability of experiencing in the eternal Space.

* If without other entity's existence there is no evidence of one's existence - that's called "relativity".

* Acceptance of non-accumulation gives rise to seedless-thoughts - which culminate in realization of omni-dimensional resolution and prosperity.

* Acceptance of modesty leads to acceptance of non-accumulation.


1. modesty:- activities devoid of conceit.

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