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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Freedom from Illusion is Effortlessness - part-3

Freedom from Illusion is Effortlessness - part-3
Following is continuation of translation of chapter-5 - titled निर्भ्रमता ही विश्राम - of manav vyavhar darshan by Baba Shree A. Nagraj Sharma.

There is a natural-inclination in existence for progress towards awakening. A more progressed entity of nature is capable of recognizing and understanding the entities behind in this progression. This is the reason, how an entity of knowledge-order (human-being) is able to use, misuse, or right-use rest of the nature. Similarly, an entity of animal-order (animals, birds, fish) is able to recognize entities of pranic-order. An entity of pranic-order (trees, vegetation, etc) is able to recognize entities of matter-order. A thread of mutual-complementariness runs through the nature's progression towards awakening. The movement towards awakening in human-being also reflects working of this principle.

Every entity of Matter-order is in co-existence with every other entity of Matter-order - through mutual-recognition based on their respective structures. Every entity of Pranic-order is in co-existence with every other entity of Pranic-order - through mutual-recognition in pranic-cells. An entity of Animal-order is a living-being - as combined-expression of body (a bio-physical formation) and jeevan (a constitutionally-complete atom as conscious-entity). Pranic-cells composing the animal-body are in co-existence through mutual-recognition. Jeevan enlivening the animal-body exhibits want of living. An entity of Knowledge-order is also a combined-expression of body and jeevan. Pranic-cells composing the human-body are in co-existence through mutual-recognition. Jeevan realizes imagination or awakening while enlivening human-body based on its status.

One awakened entity free of illusion is capable of inspiring many un-awakened entities for their getting awakened through emulation.

* Matter-Order has balance in its status (as Continuity of Definite-Conduct) due to its being with Dharma (as inalienability) of Existence (as indestructibility); Pranic-Order has balance in its status due to its being with Dharma of Existence and Growth; Animal-Order has balance in its status due to its being with Dharma of Existence, Growth, and Wanting to live; Knowledge-Order is with Dharma of Existence, Growth, and Wanting to live with Awakening. Knowledge-Order realizes its Dharma as balance in its status upon Awakening - as Resolution, Prosperity, Trust, and Co-existence.

* Humankind is united as "one right" - with Awakening; and is divided as "many wrongs" - in the Absence of Awakening.

* If above axiom gets accepted by humankind then conducive-environment for realization of Humane-Society will present itself on its own.

* Human-being needs both Intellectual-Resolution and Material-Prosperity for complete-realization of its Awakening.

* Material-Prosperity is realizable only by living the principle of - "Production in excess to Deterministic-Needs". Right-use of Wealth alone realizes Awakening. Wrong-use of Wealth results in Decline.

* For achieving Intellectual-Resolution one needs Conducive Relationships, Social Support, and an Establishment for Study in Co-existence.

* Behavioural-Harmony is mandatory for achieving Intellectual-Resolution.

* Policy and Tradition for Conservation of Humanness is necessary for Intellectual-Resolution and Behavioural-Harmony.

Awakened Human-tradition is in the form of realization of humanness. Conservation of Humanness is with mutual-complementariness of Culture, Civilization, Law (Judiciary), and Systems established by humankind. Humanization of these four is necessary for conservation of humanness. In the absence of these four getting humanized, humans will continue doing more mistakes and crimes - which is only going to increase the degree and number of mistakes and crimes. Until a human-being accomplishes humanness - it is sub-human.

Study of human-ness is through comparative-analysis presented between what is human like, and what is sub-human like. Humankind is responsible for making efforts towards instillment, nourishment, and conservation of humanness.

All efforts by humankind - as conduct, propagation, and exhibition - towards Conservation of Humanness describe humane-culture.

* The Progress of Culture, Civilization, Law (Judiciary), and Systems is inter-dependent and inter-related.

* The objective of human-beings coming together as a society is to achieve freedom from fear. This objective can be realized with the vision of ten-staged universal orderliness.

* The Fear in Humankind is of only three kinds: (1) Fear of natural-disasters, (2) Fear of cruel-animals, (3) Fear of inhuman-ness in humans.

* Matter's Progress or Decline determines its Natural-Order; Natural-Order (Animal-Order or Knowledge-Order) determines the want of jeevan enlivening it (wanting to live, or wanting to live with happiness); the want of jeevan determines what it seeks and what seeks it; Seeking of Jeevan determines its Attachments; Attachments of jeevan determine its State of Bondage; State of Bondage of jeevan determines its Impulses; Impulses of jeevan determine its Actions; Actions of jeevan determine Outcomes of Actions; Outcomes of Actions of jeevan determine Resolution or Conflict; Resolution or Conflict determine movement towards Progress or Decline. Progress or Decline itself determines inhuman-ness, human-ness, or divinity.

* The Purpose of Human-being's Awakening is realization of Intellectual-Resolution and Material-Prosperity only.

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