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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seeing the Existence (Part-3)

Seeing the Existence (Part-3)
This is the continuation of translation of chapter-9 - titled "दृष्टा, दृष्टि, दृश्य" - of manav vyavhar darshan by Baba Shree A. Nagraj Sharma.

* Human-being has tried studying this world from six views: (1) likeness-dislikeness, (2) conduciveness-inconduciveness, (3) gainfulness-ungainfulness, (4) justice-injustice, (5) dharma - a-dharma, (6) truth - untruth.

* Intention for a human-activity emerges from its Expectation of Happiness; Needs (material and psychological) of a human-being emerge from its Intentions; Study by a human-being is for addressing its Needs; Capabilities of a human-being are outcome of its Study; Seeing the Existence is based on Capability of human-being; Clarity in Co-existence is from Seeing the Existence; Definite Programof Living (with Resolution and Prosperity) is from Clarity in Co-existence.

* The views of likeness-dislikeness, conduciveness-inconduciveness, and gainfulness-ungainfulness are from the intentions of acquiring material-objects and sensory-gratification. The views of justice-injustice, dharma- a-dharma, and truth-untruth are from the intentions of realizing one's acceptances of realities.

* Realization of Dharma and Salvation is necessary for accomplishing human-ness and divinity by humankind.

* Greed is the preparation in self for "accomplishments" of illusion. Need is the preparation in self for meaningful-accomplishment (as awakening) without which continuity of fulfillment is not there.

* The activities carried out (by the student) in the light of experience in atma (of the teacher) is study in co-existence. Every human-being (as Seer) has the same potential (as possibility) - to See. What gets Seen (or gets understood) by the Seer is termed as "Darshan" - which is the Seer's Ability. Expression of a human-being is in accordance with its Ability to See.

* Co-existence is all that is there to see in Existence.

* Ability to See the entirety of Co-existence - and experiencing in the limitless Space is complete-awakening of a human-being (as an entity of knowledge-order).

* All efforts of human-being as thirst for more material only end up in pain - which itself is the illusion. Human-being has kept trying to free itself from this pain of efforts. These attempts become successful or unsuccessful - based on human-being's attainment of abilities (of awakening).

* Study is to see the distinction in inhuman-ness, human-ness, and divinity.

* Seeing the entirety of Co-existence itself is the Knowledge-essence. This knowledge-essence itself is the Principle of Co-existence which is continuously adhered to by Nature.

* Every activity of Nature adheres to Principle of Co-existence - and thereby Entities of Nature realize Natural-Control.

* All activities of Nature are controlled and conserved in Space - since Space is always there between every two entities of Nature. Space, therefore, is the root-cause of adherence of Principle of Co-existence by entities of nature.

* Observer, Observation, and Observed - are three Activities.

* Human-being has attempted to attain effortlessness by putting efforts towards material-accomplishments. These attempts has been proven to be unsuccessful. Along with this, the cohesiveness in thinking and behaviour upon experiencing in co-existence has been proven to be successful. This success is realization of Principle of Co-existence by human-being.
* At the root of human-efforts to attain effortlessness is the Human-Potential for Awakening; At the root of realization of Human-Potential for Awakening is Study in Co-existence; At the root of Study in Co-existence is Receptivity for Awakening; At the root of fulfilling the Receptivity for Awakening (in student) is Ability of Self-Realization (in teacher); At the root of Ability of Self-Realization (in teacher) is Awakened Work and Behaviour; At the root of Awakened Work and Behaviour is Coherence in Thinking, Speech, and Actions; and human-being is always effortfull for achieving Coherence in Thinking, Speech, and Actions in accordance with its State of Awakening.

* Coherence in Thinking, Speech, and Actions is through receiving signals, and following actions (of an Awakened Human-Being or Teacher) with the purpose of achieving Resolution (in student).

* Acceptance and adherence to signals of clarity (from an awakened human-being) establishes coherence in thinking, speech, and actions and awakening (in a student).

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