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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Freedom from Illusion is Effortlessness - Chapter-5 Manav Vyavhar Darshan (part-1)

Freedom from Illusion is Effortlessness - Chapter-5 Manav Vyavhar Darshan (part-1)
This is an attempt to translate chapter-5 - titled "निर्भ्रमता ही विश्राम" - of manav vyavhar darshan by Baba Shree A. Nagraj Sharma.

* Human-beings - without any exception - are waiting in expectation of achieving the state of effortlessness.

* Movement towards Resolution is movement towards Effortlessness. Movement towards Conflict is movement towards Effort and Pain.

Resolution is psychological-aspect of human-living, which leads to realization of natural-control in material-aspects of living. Conflict is absence of Resolution, which always means absence of control in material-aspects of human-living.

* Resolution in material-aspects of human-living means Prosperity. Absence of Resolution in material-aspects of human-living means Conflict.

* Resolution in psychological-aspects of human-living means Experience in Knowledge-essence. Absence of Resolution in psychological-aspects of human-living means Conflict.

The root-cause of Conflict is self's (jeevan's) believing itself to be body.

Experiencing in Knowledge-essence and Prosperity both are activities. Experiencing in Knowledge-essence is a conscious-activity. Prosperity is a material-activity realized in human-living upon Experiencing in Knowledge-essence. Experience in Knowledge-essence upon getting activated becomes innate to jeevan - as its true-accomplishment. While Prosperity is for fulfillment of material-needs for the duration of a bodily-journey of jeevan. At the end of bodily-journey jeevan's material-needs also end. Therefore Prosperity is temporal. While Experience in Knowledge-essence upon accomplishment gets carried over - and has continuity.

* Success for human-being is only in the state of being free of illusion.

* All human-beings (as knowledge-order of nature) are close to the state of being free of illusion - and are countable as entities of Awakening-Progression. Awakening-Progression itself is the sub-human category. Awakening is Experience in Co-existence. Awakening means achieving the state of being free of illusion.

* Acceptance and Recognition of every reality as it is - is the accomplishment of the state of being free of illusion.

Acceptance of "reality as it is" means recognizing entirety of the reality - its appearance, attributes, true-nature, and its dharma. Recognizing entirety means experiencing. Every unit of nature is in the pervasive Space - which is the knowledge-essence. This truth itself comes into recognition of human-being while studying any reality. Acceptances of Realities in Self and realization of these acceptances in living as Self-Realization itself is True-Accomplishment for a human-being. True-Accomplishment is only in, from, and for Co-existence. Co-existence - as Eternal Presence - itself is the ultimate Truth.

* Completion of Study in Co-existence is achieving the state of Freedom from Illusion.

* Freedom from Illusion is absolutely essential for Realization of Co-existence as ultimate-truth. Realization of Co-existence means living with humanness.

* Study in Co-existence and Practice in Co-existence (as Work and Behaviour) are necessary for achieving the state of Freedom from Illusion. This is harmony at the levels of experience, thinking, and behaviour - as resolution in spiritual, intellectual, and material aspects of human-living.

* Experience in Truth as Co-existence is Eternal. If experience of human-being changes then it is not the Experience in Truth.

* Material (physiochemical) activities undergo Change - therefore are temporal. All activities are disciplined and conserved with knowledge-essence as Principles. Principles don't ever change. Principles are True and Eternal.

* It is not possible for a human-being to Experience in Truth (in atma) without being established with Acceptances of Realities (in buddhi) through Study in Co-existence. Study in Co-existence is Movement towards Experience in Truth.

Experience in Truth happens (in atma) upon getting fully-established with acceptances of realities (in buddhi) through Study in Co-existence. This Experience gets reflected in buddhi as (experience-centric) Conviction. This Conviction gets reflected in chitta as (experience-centric) Clarity. This Clarity gets reflected in vritti as (experience-centric) Awareness. This Awareness (in vritti) is as thoughts based on the views of Justice, Dharma, and Truth. This Awareness gets reflected in mun as (experience-centric) Attention. Experience-centric Attention in mun gets realized in human-behaviour (as values in relationships) and in human-work (as prosperity).

Bodh through Study in Co-existence:- Acceptance of Realities in buddhi through use of imagination under the guidance of one with Experience in Co-existence.

Acceptance of Justice, Dharma, and Truth in buddhi as a result of Study in Co-existence.

Bodh upon Experience in Co-existence:- The effect of atma's Experience in Truth on buddhi is Experience-centric Bodh. Such (experience-centric) Bodh begets continuity of Conviction of Truth in oneself. This (experience-centric) Conviction gets reflected as Clarity in chitta. This Clarity forms the basis of Experience-centric Thinking (visualization and evaluation). This awakened thinking becomes the basis of self's realization in living, through perfect-recognition of relationships and its continuity.

* Illusion is not a reality in existence. Illusions are beliefs in human-being out of fear or greed. Illusion is limited till visualizations in chitta. Illusions donot get accepted in buddhi. Buddhi is not in illusion even in un-awakened state of jeevan, but remains dormant - until it gets activated upon experience in truth by atma.

* Presence of Illusion is absence of Awakening.

* The accomplishment of Study in Co-existence is getting completely-established with Acceptances of Realities (in buddhi). After getting fully-established with Acceptances of Realities - Experience in Co-existence (in atma) happens naturally.

* Experience in Co-existence (in atma) is not possible without getting completely-established with Acceptances of Realities (in buddhi). Effortlessness is not possible without Experience in Co-existence.

* Truth is the understanding of Co-existence. Co-existence is eternal truth.

* Experience in Truth begets Ultimate-bliss in Self; Acceptance of Realities begets Resolution and Happiness; Work and Behaviour with Resolution begets Realization of Co-existence.


1. Ultimate-bliss:- The eternal effect of atma's experiencing in co-existence.

* From the moment atma achieves Experience in Truth, that Experience has continuity thereafter.

* Divinity is Co-existence itself.


1. Bliss:- The effect of atma with experience in truth on buddhi - as fulfillment in self.
2. Contentment:- The effect of atma with experience in truth on chitta - as satisfaction in self.
3. Peace:- The effect of atma with experience in truth on vritti - as enthusiasm in self.
4. Happiness:- The effect of atma with experience in truth on mun - as joy in self.

* United-Humankind alone can realize Balance.


1. Balance:- Absence of discrepancy in Principle (definitiveness in existence) and Behaviour (the way human-beings express themselves in their relationships).

* Behaviour with Justice, Dharma, and Truth is the essential for realizing United-Humankind.

* Commitment towards Rightful-Wealth, Morality, and Kindness is Humane-Behaviour.


1. Rightful-Wealth:- Generation of wealth by a family - without exploitation - to fulfill its definite material-needs, as realization of Resolution and Prosperity.
2. Morality:- Physical-relationship only in the purview of marriage for progeny.
3. Kindness:- Adherence to "Let live, and live".

* Humane-behaviour is characterized by Prosperity, Affection, Spontaneity, Wisdom, and Trust. Humane-behaviour is without Hoarding, Hatred, Conceit, Ignorance, and Fear. Humane-behaviour is realization of Justice, Dharma, and Truth.

* United-Humankind can be realized only upon achieving Freedom from Illusion. Awakened Social Systems are absolutely necessary for realization of United-Humankind.

* United-Humankind is impossible to realize without meaningful Education and other Systems.

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