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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seeing the Existence (Part-4)

Seeing the Existence (Part-4)
This is the continuation of translation of chapter-9 - titled "दृष्टा, दृष्टि, दृश्य" - of manav vyavhar darshan by Baba Shree A. Nagraj Sharma.

* It is not possible to realize Awakening through inhuman education - where one human-being in illusion addresses another human-being in illusion. An awakened human-being alone can pave the way of awakening for a human-being in illusion. This itself is the way awakening gets realized in human-tradition.

* Each entity is only a part of the infinite Nature.

* Each entity of nature is a constitution of many parts.

* It is impossible to achieve coherence through method of reductionism (or fragmentation) - since every activity of nature is based on a constitution. Method of reductionism is interference to an entity's constitution - which causes "heat" or conflict - which in turn causes further interference for other entities.

* It is impossible to annihilate an entity of nature through fragmentation. Howsomany fragments are done, there is still some fragment left. All fragments continue to be in existence. Fragmentation in humankind is seen in the form of sects (or belief-systems of illusion). United-Humankind is realized upon recognizing the essence of universality.

* Human-being's behaviour is as worldly and as spiritual.

* All worldly-behaviour is either for self-interest or for universal-interest. All spiritual-behaviour is either seedfull-thought (tethered thought) or seedless-thought (untethered thought, or universal thought).

* Behaviour (of self-interest or universal-interest) is either Principled or Unprincipled. Principled Behaviour of Self-interest is in the purview of one's own-people, own-community, own-language, and own-country. Principled Behaviour of Universal-interest is for all-people, all-communities, all-languages, and all-countries.

* Unprincipled Self-interest (Greed) is for material-objects or sensory-gratification.

* Principled Universal-interest is for univeral-realization of Dharma and Prosperity.

* Spiritual Behaviour is for Dharma and Salvation (Awakening).

* All behaviour of Systems and Policy-makers towards realization of Humanness is Principled. All behaviour of Systems and Policy-makers towards Inhumanness is Unprincipled.

* Estimating one's own-people, own-objects, and own-needs as important - and other-people, objects of others, and needs of others as unimportant is Unprincipled Self-Interest or Greed. In the same way - estimating other-people, objects of others, needs of others as more important than own-people, own-objects, and own-needs is Unprincipled Universal-Interest or Philanthropy.

* Thoughts in the purview of Animal-Consciousness are seedfull-thoughts (tethered-thoughts that give rise to more such thoughts). Thoughts of Godly-consciousness and Divine-consciousness are seedless-thoughts (thoughts which are not tethered and are universal). Thoughts of Human-consciousness are seedfull, still such a human-being is resolved and realizes justice. A human-being realzing human-consciousness is free of illusion - though complete realization of awakening of self still remains to be done. Human-being living in human-consciousness is capable of discerning between seedfull-thoughts and seedless-thoughts.

* Self-Realization upon Experience in Knowledge-Essence is seedless-thoughts - this itself is divinity.

* Conceit is due to self's (jeevan's) getting limited to a part of existence - which is the root-cause of sorrow in a human-being.

* In the absence of Seeing the Existence in its entirety, Humane-thoughts are not; In the absence of Humane-thoughts, inclination for Humane work and behaviour is not; In the absence of Humane work and behaviour, Behavioural-Harmony is not; In the absence of Behavioural-Harmony, Freedom from Conflict is not; In the absence of Freedom from Conflict, Undivided-Society is not; In the absence of Undivided-Society, Realization of Co-existence is not; In the absence of Realization of Co-existence, Divinity is not; In the absence of Divinity, Study in Co-existence is not; In the absence of Study in Co-existence, there is no evidence of Seeing the Existence.

"May Universal Goodness Prevail"
Posted by Rakesh Gupta

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