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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Purpose of Human-being's Existence - Part 6

The Purpose of Human-being's Existence - Part 6
This is continuation of translation of chapter-4 - titled मानव सहज प्रयोजन - of manav vyavhar darshan written by Baba Shree A Nagraj Sharma.

* Attachment is doing a "wrong" act while being aware that it is "wrong".

* Obsession is doing a "wrong" act, while believing it to be "right".

Primary-concerns of living of a human-being determine its nature and pattern of thinking. This is true both for a submissive-category and an agressive-category human-being.

Primary-concern for living of a divine human-being is truth as co-existence. A divine human-being is omniscient - the one with complete and unlimited knowledge.

The Greatness of Space is recognized as entire inert and conscious nature's being contained in it. Space is omni-present (pervasive), transparent, and permeable. It's explained further as follows:

* Space is there everywhere in the same way.

The activities of inert and conscious nature are there in the same way - everywhere. Therefore the absolute-energy required for their being-ness (as root-activity) is there everywhere. Space itself is the knowledge-essence in which a human-being can experience and achieve divinity. In this way, many divine-category human-beings are possible.

* Space appears (to human-being) everywhere in the same way.

Space is the Knowledge-essence in which a human-being can experience. Experience in Knowledge-essence of divine-humans is the same everywhere. Divine-humans are sources of inspiration for other categories of human-beings in the same way - everywhere. In this way, a human-being can experience in the knowledge-essence - anywhere - through the method of Study in Co-existence.

* Space gets known (by human-being) everywhere in the same way.

Everyone - who is working towards achieving divinity - acknowledges the Greatness of Divine Human-being and Co-existence. There is no disagreement about acceptance of this Greatness among these aspirants for divinity. Even a human-being in illusion naturally-accepts this Greatness.

All physical-activities that a human-being performs are also with expectation of happiness. Expectation of happiness in a human-being is a psychological-process (activity of jeevan). Jeevan's activities are more-developed than the physical-activities performed by jeevan through body. The outcomes of these physical-activities are unable to satisfy the expectation of happiness in jeevan. Experience in Knowledge-essence alone can satisfy this expectation of happiness in jeevan. This is the reason, every human-being in illusion upon receiving inspiration from another human-being who has experience in co-existence - becomes inclined for studying and practicing for achieving the experience in knowledge-essence.

* Each sub-atomic particle in every atom has the capacity to get inspired - since all sub-atomic particles are saturated (or energized) in Space.

* Human-body is also a composition of respiring-cells. Jeevan while enlivening the body realizes sensory-activities through body.

* Jeevan receives information from sensory-activities through brain.

* Acceptances of Realities causes Awakening in Self (Jeevan).

* Human-body is the outcome of successive-refinement in pranic-cells of species.


1. Acceptances of Realities:- A human-being's true-accomplishment is its acceptances of realities. An awakened human-being's basis for self-realization is its acceptances of realities. All activities and inclinations for moving towards completeness - are acceptances of realities.
2. True-Accomplishment:- One can't desire as much as what one can know (as acceptances of realities), one can't physically-do as much as what one can desire, one can't partake as much as what one can physically do - and what remains thereafter (as accceptances, desires, and fruits of physical-action) is true-accomplishment.

An atom of matter-order has more activity in its last-orbit than in other orbits. This results in emission or inclusion of sub-atomic particles. Emission and Inclusion of sub-atomic particles results in numerous kinds of atoms.

An atom of pranic-order composition has more activity in its penultimate-orbit than its other orbits (last-orbit and orbits before penultimate-orbit). This more-activity in penultimate-orbit is the cause of the expression of choice in pranic-order - which is a progress when compared to matter-order. This leads to increase in the spin-motion in atom along with rotation-motion - and as a result expansion and contraction activities started happening. Expansion and Contraction activities in atoms of pranic-order is the basis of pulsation (required for breathing and growing) in pranic-order.

All vegetations are classified into Pranic-order. The basic-unit of a pranic-order entity is pranic-cell. Pranic-cells in turn are composed of matter-order atoms. Pranic-cells form distinct compositions of pranic-order (as plants, shrubs, trees, etc) so that there is continuity of their kind. Entities of Pranic-order have a way - like seed-formation - for multiplication of their kind. A seed has pranic-cells which carry the composition-method of its tree. This is how a seed has capability of realizing the composition of its tree. Numerous kinds of vegetations - with distinct attributes - emerged due to environmental-conditions. Pranic-cells of two different kinds of pranic-order entities are same constitution-wise, but they have distinct composition-methods. There is successive-refinement in the composition-method of pranic-cells leading to emergence of better pranic-compositions. In this way, composition-method in pranic-cells of bodies of animal-order are "more developed" than those in pranic-order. The "most developed" pranic-cell composition is brain.

Composition-method in pranic-cells determines variation in the body-compositions. Body-composition is related with Speciation. Pranic-order, Animal-order, and Knowledge-order - each of them - have their way of continuation of their specie. The way of seeding for continuation of specie is principally-same in pranic-order, animal-order, and knowledge-order. However, the status and behaviour is qualitatively distinct in the three orders.

Successive-refinement in pranic-cells led to emergence of animal-bodies with enriched-brain - which jeevans could enliven. Further refinement in pranic-cells lead to emergence of human-body - which has fully-enriched brain. Jeevan can realize itself partially through animal bodies. Jeevan can realize itself fully through human-body.

Constitutional-completeness is the outcome of progression in inert-atoms towards completeness. The process and event of constitutional-completeness is definitive - which takes place upon coming together of definite molecule-groups, conditions of temperature and pressure, rays and radiations. When constitutional-completeness takes place to result in jeevan-atom - it has more activity in its second-orbit than other orbits. This is the distinction of jeevan-atom from inert-atoms. Jeevan-atom is free from forming bonds with other atoms, and is free from expressing weight. Jeevan-atom's span of activity is more than its physical-expanse - and it has the thinking-activity. The reason for jeevan's atom's being able to have span of activity more than its physical-expanse is increase in expansion and contraction activity in the atom upon attaining constitutional-completeness. The immeasurably-high activity of expansion and contraction is essentially the conscious-activity of wanting. Jeevan seeks fulfillment of this conscious-activity of wanting through body. This itself is the bondage of wanting to live.

Jeevan (constitutionally-complete atom) and Body (a physiochemical formation of pranic-cells with enriched-brain) co-exist to express living.

* What was inert earlier progresses to achieve the conscious-status - as jeevan-atom. Jeevan is also naturally-inclined for further progress towards Awakening. A human-being needs to direct its conscious-energies inwards (to activate the dormant inner-activities of self ) for achieving Awakening. The meaning of "directing the energies inwards" is arriving at conclusions - as acceptances in self - by self-scrutiny and keen-observation of natural-evidences.

Human-being - as an entity of knowledge-order - has capacity to understand the four natural-orders. Acceptances of realities itself is the understanding - which itself is awakening in self. Awakening in every self is the only way for achieving one-ness among all selves. Awakening alone can realize cyclicality in production for obtaining objects of material-needs. Awakening in self (jeevan) itself keeps getting expressed - based on need or opportunity - in living through knowledge-experience centric method. The essence of this expression of self gets re-established as seed in other self (jeevan) as acceptances of realities. This is the meaning of self-realization. Self-realization happens through knowledge-experience centric method - as enabling other person for awakening.

Awakening is becoming free from over-valuation of material-aspects of living. Until one attains this awakening - it is not possible to realize natural-control and natural-balance in living. Until one attains this awakening, one stays in the state of illusion. While in the state of illusion - all of one's wants, thoughts, and desires are in expectation of obtaining happiness through sensory-activities.

Awakening is having clarity that entire humankind is one specie, and the variety in thinking-patterns is due to illusion. For example - the same person who acted generously once starts acting miserly after sometime. In this way, human-being in illusion doesn't exhibit definiteness in its conduct. Human-being in illusion is with conflicts in its mindset - and it exhibits uncertainty and indefiniteness through its actions.

When a human-being in illusion comes in contact with an awakened human-being - it also starts thirsting for awakening. There is progress towards awakening due to inspiration received by the human-being in illusion from its environment (in the form of awakened human-being). The environment of illusion affects the decline in the same way. This is the need for awakened-tradition.

* Human-tradition's honour is in Continuity of Awakening.

* Acceptances in Self can either be for Awakening, or for Illusion.

All acceptances in self for awakening turn into desires, thoughts and wants - when there is opportunity or need - and get realized into work and behaviour.

Human-being has always been trying to recognize its own purpose in relation to this world (inert and conscious nature) and with respect to the Space. Conservation and Progress of Sociality is not possible without being established with acceptances of the realities. In the absence of Sociality based on humanness - exploitation of one human-being by another is inevitable.

* In the absence of Awakening, a human-being is incapable of recognizing the realities as they are. This itself is the state of Illusion.

Human-being first wants to understand the purpose of its own existence - but due to above mentioned incapability it can-not do correct evaluation of its own self. Exploitation of one human-being by another is inevitable due to being in this state of illusion.

The definite-method for Movement towards Awakening is to always keep one's receptivity oriented towards instruction, order, and message of more-awakened human-being than oneself. This is the only method for a human-being can successfully recognize its purpose in existence.

* One can experience effortlessness only upon recognizing one's own purpose of being in existence.

"May there be Universal-Goodness"
Posted by Rakesh Gupta

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