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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seeing the Existence (part-2)

Seeing the Existence (part-2)
This is continuation of translation of chapter-9 - titled "दृष्टा, दृष्टि, दृश्य" - of Manav Vyavhar Darshan by Baba Shree A. Nagraj Sharma.

* Beauty and Ugliness is as subtle (thinking in jeevan) and as gross (outcome of thinking in jeevan).

* Study and Practice in Co-existence alone can lead to a human-being's Awakening.

* A human-being's materializing the visualizations are either out of its Awakening or out of its Illusion.

* A human-being's expectation for harmony in self is either out of its state of attachments, or out of its state of unattachment (or awakening).

* The expectations in self are - as wanting of salvation or "heaven"; as wanting of material-objects and sensory-gratification; and as wanting of clarity from literature. The thinking and behaviour that gives rise to conflict gets recognized as "wrong". The thinking and behaviour that gives rise to harmony gets accepted as "right".

* The environment (natural or human-made) is either conducive or inconducive for a human-being's awakening.

* The expectations in a human-being are in accordance to its state of being - as inhuman-ness, human-ness, or divinity.

* Literature distinguishes between attachment (bondage) and freedom (salvation). Only a human-being has the possibility and opportunity of deliberating, studying, and experimenting based on the information from the literature.

* Inert-nature is with quantum (of matter) and is therefore active.

* Entire inert-nature is as active atoms. An atom is a constitution of sub-atomic particles - in nucleus and surrounding orbits.

* When an inert-atom achieves constitutional-completeness upon progress - it gets conscious-status (as jeevan), and from that moment itself it gets into the bondage of wanting to live. This is naturally-evident in every animal's being with an inalienable want of living.

* Human-being - in addition to having the bondage of wanting to live - has the ability to imagine. Thereby a human-being expresses its faculties of visualizing, thinking, and wanting in its living.

* Bondage of Thinking (of vritti) is self's believing its own thoughts (from its state of illusion) to be superior. This bondage in self (jeevan) gives rise to inhuman-thoughts due to human-being's ability to imagine.

* Freedom from the bondage of thinking is by thoughts of Justice.

* The Bondage of Desire (of chitta) is self's (incorrectly) believing its visualizations (in its state of illusion) to be the Clarity of Truth. This itself is vanity. This gives rise to worries in self, and strengthens inhuman-ness.

* Acceptance of Dharma begets freedom from the bondage of desire.

* Acceptance of Truth begets freedom from Illusion.

* Attachment to material-aspects begets sensory-fulfillment - which is temporary; Experience in Co-existence in atma and its Acceptance in buddhi begets natural-fulfillment of self - which has continuity.

* Inert-nature (material-aspects) exhibits change - therefore fulfillment to self (jeevan) from its attachment to inert-nature is also temporary. This is the reason attachment to material-aspects is the cause of bondage.

* Experience in Co-existence (in atma) is eternal or is changeless - therefore fulfillment to self (jeevan) from its acceptance of experience in co-existence has continuity.

* (Jeevan's) Efforts of seeking fulfillment where there is no continuity is bondage, and (jeevan's) experiencing where fulfillment is natural is salvation.

* While in illusion, human-activities are busy trying to fulfill desires (of illusion), and desires are busy trying to fulfill human-activities (of illusion) - which can never reach fulfillment.

* That which cannot be fulfilled, and that which is incomplete (or changes) - the stubbornness of desiring to fulfill them (through activities) itself is "mirgae" or Illusion, which is Bondage.

* This "mirage" or Illusion gets dispelled upon Seeing the Existence as Co-existence.

* The entities of nature are seen to be in Co-existence - and for that the study of entity's appearance, attributes, true-nature, and dharma is absolutely essential.

* The entire Study in Co-existence is of inert-nature, conscious-nature, and of pervasive-space. This world is as physical-activities, chemical-activities, and jeevan-activities.

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