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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Planes of Nature and Beyond - chapter-8 of Manav Vyavhar Darshan

The Planes of Nature and Beyond - chapter-8 of Manav Vyavhar Darshan
Following is an attempt to translate chapter-8 - titled "पद एवं पदातीत" - of Manav Vyavhar Darshan by Baba Shree A. Nagraj Sharma.

* There are only two kinds of realities in Existence - (1) Nature, (2) Space

* Entities of Nature are classifiable for Study into four Planes based on their comparative appearance, attributes, true-nature, and dharma. Space is beyond Planes of Nature, and it is Pervasive.
* Plane of an Entity of Nature can be determined by recognizing its Constitution, its Order of Nature, and its Capabilities and Powers. These three together describe the Entity's Being in Existence.

* That which is not an entity of any Plane, That which is Unlimited, That which contains every Plane of Nature, and That which is in every Plane of Nature as well - is Space. That is also given the names as God, Energy, and Emptiness.
* The Appearance of an Entity of Nature is its shape, area, and volume; The Attributes of an Entity of Nature are its expression of growth, decay, and being-ness (as continuity of being).

* Communication among Humans emerged in the order - first as Sounds, then as Sound-Modulation, then as Language, and finally as Language with Definitions.

* Co-existence Principle and Definite-sequence of Activities together lead to accomplishment of a certain Being in Existence as an Entity of Nature - which is the Meaning of that entity.

* Experience in the pervasive Space by a human-being is the Meaning of Space. Space is without a point of creation, without change; and without limits. Space is the absolute-energy available to all entities of nature for their being-ness. Space itself is the knowledge that comes in experience of a human-being.

* Space is everywhere in the same way - therefore it is pervasive. The entities of Nature are infinite. Therefore Planes of Nature are many.

* An entity of nature is in a certain Plane based on its decline or progress towards completeness.

* Plane of an entity of nature is determined by its constitution, definite-sequence of activities for its emergence, and its conduct.

* Plane indicates Meaning of an entity of nature; Meaning indicates Behaviour and Conduct of that entity; Behaviour and Conduct of an entity indicate the Definite-sequence of activities for its emergence; Definite-sequence of activities for emergence indicate the Plane of the entity.

* An entity of nature is "limited" from all sides. There are infinite entities of nature. These entities are in the "limitless" and pervasive Space. Space gets experienced by human-being as Bliss.

* Partial-knowledge of Meaning merely leads to feeling of happiness and sorrow. This feeling (of "happiness" and "sorrow") gets recognized in mun and vritti. The continuity of happiness is upon acceptance of realities in buddhi, and experience of truth in atma.

* Body-parts which get activated due to self (jeevan) are sense-organs - such as seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting.

* Human-efforts are partial if they are towards objectives that (by nature) change (or uncertain). Human-efforts are complete if they are towards objectives that (by nature) are changeless (or definite).

* In the absence of Acceptance of the meaning of eternal Space - Acceptance of Truth is not; In the absence of Acceptance of Truth - Clarity in Existence is not; In the absence of Clarity in Existence - Balance in human-living is not; In the absence of Balance in human-living - Enthusiasm and Inspiration is not; In the absence of Enthusiasm and Inspiration - Awakening of Human-being is not; In the absence of Awakening of Human-being - Resolution is not; In the absence of Resolution - Harmony in Human-Behaviour is not; In the absence of Harmony in Human-Behaviour - Realization of Co-existence is not; In the absence of Realization of Co-existence - Perfection is not; In the absence of Perfection - Absence of Conflict is not; and while Conflict is there - Acceptance of Eternal Truth is not.

* A human-being's Need determines what it accepts as its Objective of Living. Human-living is successful only when its objective is Awakening of Self. In its absence - human-living is unsuccessful.

* Un-natural Acceptances in Self result in Discord in Human-Behaviour. Natural-Acceptances in Self result in Harmony in Human-Behaviour.


1. Un-natural Acceptances:- Attachment to Wrongs.
2. Natural Acceptance:- Trust in Right.

"May the Universal-Goodness Prevail"
Posted by Rakesh Gupta

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