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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Freedom from Conflict - (part-2)

Freedom from Conflict - (part-2)
This is continuation of attempt to translate chapter-10 - titled "क्लेश मुक्ति" - of manav vyavhar darshan by Baba Shree A. Nagraj Sharma.

* Not doing the "unworthy of doing" and accepting the "worthy of doing" begets freedom from unnecessary. This itself is modesty. All acts out of illusion cause conflict. All acts out of "awakening" cause harmony.

* Modesty is unattraction to illusion. Inhuman-ness is "unworthy of doing" for a human-being. Not doing the "unworthy of doing" itself is Modesty.

* Unattachment is being free from unvaluation, under-valuation, and over-valuation.

* An entity of nature can never be devoid of activity. Therefore - the efforts of trying to avoid activity by human-being is the flaw of escapism.


1. Escapism:- Trying to avoid one's duties is escapism. Escapism is out of laziness or ignorance.
2. Laziness:- Laziness is not doing an activity despite being aware that it is "worthy of doing".
3. Ignorance:- The state of not having the required knowledge for doing the activity that is "worthy of doing".

* Unattachment is partial or complete. Unattachment is partial in "normal" category of humankind. Unattachment is complete in "divine" category of humankind.

* Inert-nature evidences composition and decomposition. Excess of growth causes decay, and excess of decay causes growth.

* The activities of body are "Outer", the activities of jeevan are "Inner".

* All "inner" or "outer" activities are either positive (towards growth) or negative (towards decay).

* Human-being attains its natural-state of being only upon Awakening.

* The nucleus of jeevan-atom - atma - (upon awakening) is the mediating activity. Jeevan (self) becomes capable of self-realization when all its faculties get aligned with atma.

* A completely awakened jeevan has the activities of buddhi, chitta, vritti, and mun "naturally-controlled" with mediating-activity of atma. This results in realization of happiness, peace, contentment, and bliss.

* Every inert-atom is also with mediating-activity in its nucleus - whose function is to bring back to natural-state from excesses (positive or negative).

* An entity of nature cannot be devoid of activity. An entity of nature has positive, negative, and mediating activities. Positive and Negative activities get balanced through mediating-function. In this way, mediating-activity itself gets realized as Definite-Conduct of the Entity of Nature - since positive and negative activities stay under the control of mediating-activity.

* It is impossible to find an entity of nature that is devoid of any activity.

* Human-being evidences behavioural-mediation as Justice, intellectual-mediation as Dharma, and experiential-mediation as Truth.

* Entire human-behaviour gets naturally-controlled with Principle of Co-existence. Principle of Co-existence gets evidenced as defintiveness in Conduct.

* Thinking activity in human-being gets naturally-controlled with Resolution. Naturally-controlled thinking is evidence of Awakening.

* Experience activity (in atma) is in Knowledge-essence - which is as all pervasive space.

* Experience in Co-existence is the acceptance of infinite entities in the pervasive space as knowledge-essence. The inseparability of infinite nature in the pervasive space itself is co-existence.

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