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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Humane-Behaviour (Part-3)

Humane-Behaviour (Part-3)
This is continuation of translating of chapter-7 - titled मानवीय व्यव्हार - of manav vyavhar darshan by Baba Shree A. Nagraj Sharma.

* Impetus towards Duties is Enthusiasm and Inspiration; Impetus towards Bondage (as helplessness) is Provocation.

* The Activities that are Conflict-Free and Experience the Resolution are Balanced; and Activities that are with-Conflict and generate Conflicts are Unbalanced.

* Conflict is a road-block in thinking, Helplessness is a conflict in material-aspect of living.

* Holistically seeing the Existence is Wisdom; Partially seeing the Existence is Imposition.

* The Wisdom attained as Acceptance of Realities (in buddhi) and Experience in Knowledge (in atma) - upon recognition of Co-existence - is Being Truthful. Its absence is Being in Illusion.

* Fast Impetus is what gets converted into outward activity.

* Impetus itself results in choosing. Choice of a human-being (as activity of mun) can be for accumulation, for nourishment, for extraction, for renunciation, or for exploitation.

* The Force, Speed, and Thirst of Impetus is determined by Desire and Acceptance of Purpose in self (jeevan).

* All relationships and interactons of human-being - with other humans and with rest of the nature - are for realization of its Awakening. All these efforts for Awakening lead to realization of Sociality. All efforts of seeking sensory-fulfillment through relationships and interactions result in exploitation - which results in Imbalance and Conflict.

* Human-efforts for getting awakened is Fortitude; Human-efforts for realizing Awakening is Duty; and Human-efforts for seeking sensory-fulfillment through behaviour is Helplessness.

* Human-being is with its Duties and Material-needs.


1. Duty:- Recognition and Realization of values by Self in relationships - as acceptance of commitment in self.
2. Responsibility:- Valuation in Self of how the values got realized in relationships - as acceptance of fulfillment in self.

* Duties can be fulfilled only with Awakening of Self. Duties can be fulfilled because they are definite and limited.

* Material-Needs out of illusion cannot be fulfilled because they are indefinite and unlimited.

* Material-Needs can be fulfilled with Awakening - as Material-Needs of an awakened human-being (with humanness) are definite and limited. Material-Needs of human-living with divinity are even more definite and limited.

* Orientation towards Duties begets Peace. Orientation towards Consumption begets Disturbance.

* All Duties of a human-being are in the purview of its relationships and interactions.

* Human-Living is Unsuccessful in the absence of fulfilling one's Duties.

* Human-Living is Successful with Intellectual-Resolution and Material-Prosperity.

* Study in Co-existence (of Purpose and Method of Living) and Practice in Co-existence (as Work and Behaviour) result in Freedom from Illusion.

* A human-being considers material-means to be as important for its happiness as the degree of its being in Illusion or Fear. For example - fearful alone seeks happiness through shelter and weapons; Greedy alone seeks happiness through accumulation; Hateful alone seeks happiness through Destruction; One who is in Illusion alone seeks happiness through blaming others; One with false-pride alone seeks happiness through neglecting others. Happiness or Sorrow is one's own status of Awakening.

* Study in Co-existence and suitable environment helps in building one's Receptivity for Awakening.

* A Human-being becomes Happy and realizes Harmony (in Work and Behaviour) only upon achieving Intellectual-Resolution (through Study in Co-existence) and Material-Prosperity (through meaningful Work).

"May Universal-Goodness Prevail"
Posted by Rakesh Gupta

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